Bad Blood

The big deal this weekend was the season 3 premiere of True Blood.  I have been dying for this day to come since I finished season 2.  All day I was counting down for it and I kind of wish I hadn’t.  It’s not that I disliked the episode, but it more that I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would have been.  There was nothing surprising about the episode.  I know the job of the first episode back is to bring everyone up to speed and set up the rest of the season but I was expecting more.  And I’m not alone in saying that.  Maybe spoilers below.  You have been warned.

On Sunday, we had Sookie trying to figure out what happened to Bill, Tara, Jason, Lafayette & Andy were dealing with the aftermath of Egg’s death, Jessica was trying to figure out what to do with the trucker she drained, Eric & Queen Sophie-Anne might be fucked since The Magister is maybe on to them, Sam was looking for his bio-parents and Bill was being drained by Were’s.  The episode starts off with Sookie running out of the restaurant after she finds Bill gone.  She first checks his house, but only finds Jessica crying over the trucker she’s drained to within an inch of his life.  I love Jessica.  Bill’s a fucking moron for not teaching her how to be a real vampire instead of this G rated vamp who only drinks Tru:Blood and never gets the real shit.  It’s like teaching kids abstinence.  Never going to work.  Sookie checks with Jess if Bill’s called her and now Jess is all freaking out.  As Sook leaves, Jess finds the almost dead trucker is now most certainly dead. More after the jump.

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