Beautifully Broken ~ Episode 2

After the epic let down that was the season 3 premiere of True Blood, Alan Ball & Co totally made up for it with last week’s episode.  The first one was so…lackluster.  I know the first episode has to catch everyone up, but for those who have watched every fucking episode about a million times, we just want to get on with it!  But all has been forgiven and we are now so back in the shit!  I love it.

The episode was so much better than the premiere. The best parts were with Bill, Russell & Talbot and with Eric & Sookie. Talbot is the best addition to the show yet. He’s bringing the Galliano vibe so hard it hurts. Homolicious in every way. Did anyone else catch that Russell was not surprised that Cooter (sniggers) and Co drank V but that they drank from Bill? Think he’s running a little V project on the side? Maybe. At the very least he knows that they are V addicts and either provides it to them or procures it for them. It’s obvious that Russell is this person Eric wants revenge on (Operation Werewolf WTF???), but what for? Russ has been around for 3000 years. Bet there is a crap load of shit he’s stirred up. Very interesting the ways they served the blood.  Kind of intrigued by blood gelato and blood champagne.  Yum, yum?

Yes, it was Franklin who was snooping in Bill’s house. The director made it a point to scan down to his shoes while he was in Merlottes. And yes, the BIG BAD is coming out this season. Why else would Bill have all that shit on Sookie in his house. Wasn’t it creepy that he had a photo of her as a child? And now they are boning? Just seems so wrong. Russell doesn’t know yet (that’s why Franklin is snooping) but he knows that Sophie Anne didn’t let Bill go to Bon Temps without a reason. Bill is a terrible liar. He’ll know soon enough and then it’s bye-bye Sophie Anne. She will die this season or at least no longer be Queen. Russell combined with The Magister? Game over Queenie baby.

I don’t think I was the only one who thought Alex/Eric had so much swagger in this episode. He was bringing it in spades. I was ready to jump through the television screen, push Sookie out of the way and have my way with him right there on that porch. Primal, passionate sex? Notice how she never said no? Bitch.  Fucking picky bitch.  Hot 6’5 vampire and a missing boyfriend (NOT fiancee)?  Puh-leeze.  Anyone with a working cooch is going to go for it.  Bill wouldn’t know the difference.  A fang mark is a fang mark, right?  Fucking picky bitch.  The wardrobe department is working overtime in making him look extra smooth. Eric needs to permanently live in that leather jacket. Except for when he’s naked, which should be always.

As for Lorena being lit on fire, I’m guessing Bill’s fantasizing about it. In the time it would have taken Bill to get up, pick up the candle (or whatever it was) and throw it, Lorena would have had his throat. In S02 when they were in the hotel room, Lorena knew before Bill did that he was going to try for the door. Yeah, she was caught off guard with the television but she was very, very distracted.  It isn’t everyday you get to feed on a telepath.  Not going to catch Lorena that distracted often. She’s going to be fine and dandy on Sunday.  Which is something I’m rooting for.  I heart Lorena in such a bad way.  I want her to kill Sookie (ok, not really) and for her to turn Bill into the asshole vamp he should be.  They can murder, pillage and do nasty vampire things that I wish I could do.  Err…I’m not crazy, I swear.

Let’s talk about Sunday & Alexander Woo. Woo woo for WOO! He brought us bloody sex in Hard Hearted Hannah last season and now we are getting more. I keep day dreaming about it and how bad I want to see it. Good grief! “Twisted” sex? Fuggedaboutit! This episode is going to set up so much. Not to mention we get ALCIDE!!!!!!!!! I want to want to love him as much as I do in Club Dead. Then I want to want to hate him as much as I do in all the rest of the books.  Fucking Alcide.  I hate men who are too tied up in their bitches.  Alcide, you need to seriously grow a pair.  Something that I’m waiting for is that phone call Bill makes to Sook.  It’s obvious that Bill telling Sookie not to find him (in Bill’s voice, “Sookie, I do not want to be found) is what drives Sook into Eric’s unwilling arms (he scourns her since he’s not such an asshole).  But what I’m waiting for is WHY Bill doesn’t want to be found.  Is it something that happens next episode? I fucking hope so!  Until Sunday and the twisted sex.

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