I Knew It!

New photos were released today from upcoming True Blood episodes and one in particular caught my eye.  Ages ago, when the first promos came out I was desperate to figure out how Sookie and Eric would get down this season (we all know it’s going to happen thanks to Club Dead and too many spoilers, trailers, pictures…).  In one of the promos, we have Bill on the phone with Sook telling her that he didn’t want to be found and she was of no consequence to him.  This, to me, and other intelligent folks, had to be part of it.  Obviously.  But I didn’t think it was the only thing that Bill had said to her.  Yeah, she’d be really hurt and very upset with Bill for saying that but she would think that he said it so she wouldn’t get physically hurt.  She’d still come looking for him.  In that phone call, he had to have said something that would drive her in the complete opposite direction and go out and hurt him the same way that he hurt her.  By screwing Eric.

Once I knew that Bill and Lorena did actually get all twisted and horizontal, it was like “BINGO!”  What would piss Sookie off enough to actually attempt to seduce Eric?  Bill getting back Lorena.  How would Sookie find this out?  Either Bill or Lorena would have to tell her and I bet you my case of Tru:Blood that that’s exactly what Bill tells Sookie.  Proof?  This little doozy.

It’s the same image of Bill when he’s talking to Sook and look who’s on the bed.  She’s so not going to want Bill after this.  Poor Sookie is going to have an extremely rough go of it on Sunday.  What are you thoughts?

For more photos, check out them out here.

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